Going On Faith
Apr 07, 2020
Pat Murdock: Honoring Faith and Liberty

Pat Murdock’s path to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center was not a straight line. It instead turned in unexpected ways, allowing him to see the power of God behind his...

Wherever Family
Feb 28, 2020
Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Offers a New Way to Dive into History in Philadelphia

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will offer a unique look into American history, utilizing Philadelphia’s diverse blend of cultures and beliefs, and state-of-the-art...

Global Traveler
Feb 27, 2020
New Ways to Dive Into History in Philadelphia at Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

If you’ve been hearing chatter about visiting Philadelphia in 2020, there’s a good reason. The City of Brotherly (and now Sisterly) Love is climbing the charts as a city...

Hidden City
Dec 05, 2019
American Bible Society Brings Tours and Trepidation to Old City

When it comes to religious sites, Old City is undoubtedly one of the most densely packed areas in Philadelphia, if not the country. So when the American Bible Society...

Philadelphia Inquirer
Feb 19, 2019
Betsy Ross’ Imperiled Family Bible is Saved by Local Conservation Center

For decades, Betsy Ross’ Bible sat open to the same page inside the narrow Arch Street rowhouse where she is said to have sewn the nation’s first flag. On the exposed...

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