Ryan Dobson

With the conviction that comes from knowing your purpose—and loving every minute of it—Ryan Dobson passionately pursues his calling in Christ. From writing books, to co-hosting a syndicated radio show, to speaking across the country, Ryan uses every opportunity to call people out of the moral relativism of today's society and into “the ultimate adventure” of following Christ.


Ryan Dobson grew up the second of two children of famous family counselor, author and radio broadcasting hall of famer Dr. James Dobson. Early in his career Ryan explored his own gifts while trusting in Jesus as his guide. After graduating from college, Ryan combined his natural talent and passion for public speaking and traveled extensively on the Christian speaker circuit. Breaking through the noise with his characteristic high-energy presentations, Ryan Dobson challenged his audience at music festivals, concert tours, youth camps, and crisis pregnancy centers. Drawing from his experiences talking first-hand to youth and adults alike, he co-wrote his first book, Be Intolerant, in 2003. As a wake-up call, Be Intolerant warns Christians not to fall for the lies of a relativistic, post-modern society.


Described as having “a colloquial style with all the subtlety of a two-by-four to the side of the head” by Publishers Weekly, it quickly rose up the sales charts—followed by four additional bestselling books.

Ryan Dobson then founded KOR Ministries, and managed its related website and radio program with the purpose to “build passion and identity in Christ followers.” Over two years Ryan’s live KOR Kast radio show developed a loyal global audience reaching several hundred thousand listeners each month, challenging them in how they see, hear, and think about life and their interaction with culture.

Ryan also co-hosts a radio program, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, with his father, discussing issues facing today’s families. Ryan has also joined forces with Dr. Dobson on staff at the Family Talk Ministry. The KOR Kast program was re-launched as Grounded with Ryan Dobson as part of the Family Talk Network in the fall of 2010 and continues to set new audience growth records each quarter.

He is an in-demand speaker, leads short-term missions trips and men’s retreats, and has a brand new book that is near completion for release.


Ryan Dobson has a bachelor’s degree from Biola University and is pursuing a Master's degree at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Laura, and their two children