Cal Thomas, J.C. Watts, & Star Parker on The Most Pressing Issues of the Nation

Columnist Cal Thomas, Political Activist Star Parker, & Congressman J.C. Watts wade in on what they believe, from the perspective as Christians, what the most pressing issues are in America with Dave Garrison, host of The Faith & Liberty Talk Show and former U.S. Congressional Candidate and national business leader. These three prominent and nationally known guests discuss issues with Dave from a nation whose believers have lost their voice to the wrong-headed worldviews of the Obama Administration along with the importance of defending the faith, and standing strong for what you believe.

Star Parker’s articles and quotes by Star continuously appear in major publications around the world. She has written several books including Uncle Sam's Plantation and White Ghetto. Currently, Star is working on her next book: How the Poor Get Rich.

After returning to Oklahoma, Watts served as a youth minister at Sunnylane Baptist Church in Del City, Oklahoma from January 1987 until December 1994, when he then became associate pastor. In 1990 he was elected to the Oklahoma State Corporation Commission and became chairman before running for Congress in 1994.

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